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General Ledger

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Program is the Public Accounts (the nerve of the financial management of a facility, regardless of the type of business (industrial - commercial - service) where the program allows the user to the general accounts of senior management to identify the financial status of the business at any time during the fiscal year because of the speed and accuracy of financial statements that through diverse and comprehensive reporting of existing the program with the possibility of the operation of the program for several companies, a variety of activities and the work of a consolidated budget, for more than one company operating under the program with the possibility of the definition of an unknown number of cost centers, the user can download the income and expenses for the cost of the status of a particular project, or even the possibility of the definition of the number of levels of cost centers until 4 levels to reach the length of code 18 to the cost center number. Define the types of day-to-day be used by up to 99 different kind of diary. The definition of the types of analytical figures are daily, even by the user 99 different kind of analytical figures. The definition of the beginning and end of the financial year depending on the nature of the work of the user. Deal more than the currency of the various accounts. The choice of the numbering system of restrictions on daily (monthly - annual).the selection of the relocation of the restrictions by the desire of the user (immediate deportation - deportation for). No introduction of book-entry (No document) within the limitation of the data can be retrieved with the limitation upon the serial number of your computer. Means of sophisticated research to the figures of the accounts, where you can search the number or name, or both. the possibility of starting a new fiscal year without closing the fiscal year ending of the special circumstances and can work together in the past any number of months until the closure of the current fiscal year. Review the daily reports based on the type of daily or a specific account number or a particular work or to show the restrictions only balanced or unbalanced third, or third-stage restrictions stage. Reports of account balances over a certain period, with the possibility of determining the debits or credits only.


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a monitoring program and the accounts of the stock (the nerve of the financial management of a facility, regardless of the type of business (industrial - commercial - service) which allows the program stores a reliable system to evaluate the facilities based on the value of stock and Otkhaz resolution to develop a plan of purchase and sale plan in of industrialization on the plan of production, storage building for him to one of the most important systems to tighten capital and allow senior management to identify the status of the business in the market and amendment of the goods from a dealer where the purchase or production ,the program with the possibility of the operation of the program for several companies, a variety of activities and assess the work and the outline of the stock purchases and sales, production, and the possibility of transferring data between branches and Head Office, whether you are the branches within the State or in another state.the introduction of the opening balances of the items, and move this data automatically in the following year to use the system. the possibility of the definition of units of items by the user.the definition of relations between units of different items, and the use of more than one unit of the definition of class.the possibility of adding code to the supplier of the items can be linked with the system logic of the company.

Account payable

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This Program is a sales and customer accounts of the most important programs to follow up the sale process and the follow-up customer accounts and follow-up to the delegates and indebtedness among clients and delegates, regardless of the type of business (industrial - commercial - service), where the sales program, which provides a reliable system to evaluate the facilities based on the value of sales and Otkhaz resolution to develop a plan of purchase and sale plan In the case of manufacturing production plan the introduction of the basic data for customers such as customer name, address, telephone number, fax number, credit limit.repatriation of invoices to customers the public accounts. the possibility of the definition of new customers from anywhere without the need to return to the basic data screen. Collections can be made either in cash or to (check).

the definition of segments of the sale of delegates and commission rates and the method of calculation.The idea that the basic system to determine the user name and form of movements that are commensurate with the nature of business, such as (invoices - collections - returns ... etc.) .The system automatically linked to other systems (stores - and the coffers of banks - public accounts), and this of course leads to the integration and interdependence of the speed of data so as to achieve the accuracy and ease of work in terms of the impact of movements, either financial or inventory and integration with other systems, as well as it can be used to determine the whether the accounting entry will be created (depending on the nature of the group) or not through the same system, and it is meant that the system achieves full integration with other systems so as not to repeat the data entry and provide the address, which automatically provides information on any particular statement or statements various activities of the business.Thus, the system covers the current and future needs of the work where it is, however, simply used.

System of fixed assets

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the program is identifying the nature of the work which each of them a list of basic data: the introduction of the basic codes prior to the commencement of any movements on the program.

a list of movements: the implementation of the various movements. list of reports: a review of the various reports the program. List of technical assistance: the work of some assistance, such as taking backup copies of databases, the deletion of data recorded before, to prepare options for the system, a list of the order of the screens: In the case of opening more than one screen, use this list to arrange the screens.

a list of out of the system: out of the program or restart the computer again. calculation of origin: origin is the country code in the manual calculation of the accounting system (public accounts).View the report data,move through the pages of the reports,Export reports You can make any change to the format of the data within the report, such as font size, color and change the headlines and put them in boxes or similar coordination of the various data report, through the export of any report to the Coordinator of the words or the use of electronic scales.

System of Personnel

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Personnel system is one of the necessary regulations to any facility where the rules that were made by the follow-up on the organizational structure of the business areas and departments of public functions, departments and personnel data, such as the personal code number - Name - Address - Data of birth - the card data and other metadata to the staff member.Movements that are in the service of the employee promotions - allowances - training courses - assignments - leave - the health situation - the sanctions - the charges and other movements.There is no doubt that the availability of such data and data integration with the system of wages and salaries and analysis on the basis of reports provided by the systems of any official of the company can take the appropriate decision to the employee, Flexible data entry staff member by giving the basic codes of different data (departments - Sections - Universities - Schools - Training Courses - Estimates - qualifications - of health - holidays - the sanctions ....), Determine the rules of calculation of leave in accordance with the customer. Basic data entry staff through an easy, clear screen.Program includes a series of analytical reports and statistics covering all aspects of personnel data such as the code number - Name - Address - Data of birth, Integration with the system of wages and salaries to the same database to form a complete follow-up of the staff member in the professional and financial terms. The definition of taxes and special segments of the various exemptions and rates, and apply automatically to employees.The definition of insurance and the share of the company and pay fixed and variable, and apply automatically to employees. Monthly account statements for the salaries of workers.

Account Receivable

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Mini-Max system provides for the control of production costs and accurate control of all elements of costs before and after the production process in productive enterprises, in particular, which include manufacturing processes, in order to ensure effective control over the elements of costs and determine the places where the deficiencies in the production costs and, therefore, must take immediate and appropriate decisions to address them abreast of the institution to ensure control of the permanence of its operations and thus achieve profitability, planned and developed in the market place before competitors.Flexibility in the operation of the storage or production orders Complete follow-up of the various stages of production.Survey data for the operation centers, machinery and labor.Production work orders for different groups of products.to follow up the implementation stages of the production orders to production.to calculate the full costs of industry. It can register functions for the stages of production and the use of data recorded in the tracks of work productivity and to facilitate and shorten the time of data entry in the event of any repetition of the process of production. It can work more than one type of production and orders for the classification of orders as it sees the user.details are recorded accurately daily production for each production.There is high flexibility in the system for the transfer of the product of any process of production to another, whether prior or subsequent to it, and when the restoration of the work product of the process of production, as no amount of scrapping can be damaged from the production and transfer of the stock directly scrap.


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Determine salary terms, its nature (merit or deductions), The way of calculation (fixed value, percentage of basic salary, percentage of total salary, percentage of incentives), if it is subject to tax and the limits of annual exemptions. Determine the methods of taxes calculation and it’s exemptions , it will be applied automatically on all employees. Determine the methods of insurance calculation by classifying it into employees and company rate from insurance.Determine the methods of overtime calculation by classifying it into (night, morning, vacation). Dealing with installment by deducting it from the basic salary depending on period given by the user Apply term on (all employees ,special employee, special section,department, social status) calculate insurance automatically, calculate taxes automatically, calculate monthly salary for all employees automatically Printing insurance reports with employees and company rate from insurance Printing salary statements.

Coding System : The coding system is used to give specific number for every item or employee by which you can refer to this code in the application while doing the process of data entry.

Time Attendance

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This program is identifying the nature of time attendance and departure the possibility of the existence of more than one shift, the dates of departure and attendance are different for each shift, It linked each worker with the virtual shift with the possibility of modifying this shift in a given period, Shift codes: It identifies the shift data as ;it identify the used shift codes, it determined the start time and end time for the knowing shift, it determined the delayed period that allowed for each shift , it determined the virtual shift for all workers and that it excludes the factor that was linking it to a different shift.

Letter of Credit

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This program is considering the most necessary program for each company, this system follows up the data of the organizational structure of companies from areas, public departments and functions of personal data for employees such as “code number - Name - Address - Birth data - card data and other data identifiable to the employee”. The movements that happens in the service of the employee such as “promotions – allowances - Training Courses - assignments - Holidays - health status - the sanctions - the charges and other movements”. With the availability of these data and combined with the payroll system and analysis through reports provided by the two systems can any official charge in the company making the right decision about whether the employee reward or punishment .

This program provides the flexibility of entering the employee data by giving the basic data of different codes (departments - Forums - Universities - Schools - Training Courses - estimates - Qualifications - health conditions - Holidays - sanctions ....),it determine the rules of vacations account in accordance with the work system, it enters all administrative movements for employees for a comprehensive record of his work on the history of the company, it also includes a set of analytical reports and statistics that cover all aspects of employee data, it integration with the payroll system to the same database to create a full episode to follow the employee in professional terms and financial terms.