We're operating in a world
where one good video can lead to a massive social following.

Video Production + -

Attractive high-quality video content is a key for the effective online communication and great User Experience. We create 2D explainers, 3D product animations and promotional videos that suit the individual needs. We help recognize the target audience preferences. The solutions that we provide are consistent with the brand image and let achieve measurable goals.

Video Creation + -

Want to start making videos but aren't sure how? lookup got guides to video creation for every skill level, from editing expert to video newb.

Video Marketing + -

Increase views, improve engagement, and create a successful film and video marketing strategy with help from folks who've been there.

Video Monetization + -

From OTT to distribution, learn how creators are turning viewers into paying subscribers — and using video to grow their businesses.



Overcome objections and be the solution to a prospects problem with an effective sales video.



Engage your audience with short and captivating content that keeps them wanting more!



Create holiday messages or promotions to share with your customers and on social media!



Animation has proven itself to be the crowd's favorite method. It is highly enjoyable to watch and adds a level of depth to the story. It’s perfect for all sorts of visual content. If you can dream it we can bring it to life!


We Help Product Marketers Make Story-Driven Videos

For over a decade, we’ve been helping Product Marketers like you create every type of video they need to market their products. Our team of creative storytellers know how to write directly to your audience, design within your brand guidelines, and communicate through a clear process, ensuring your workload gets lighter and a lot more fun.

Make Great Videos Designed for Product Marketing



At Lookup, we believe that influencing your target audience’s emotion and logic is part science, part creativity and all passion. It's an artful blend derived from true partnership and ongoing collaboration with you. Our work starts by listening; discovering your vision and engaging in processes that are focused, effective and enjoyable. There are no gaps, nothing left out, so you know all aspects of your video during the project journey.


Video improves
the outcomes of these buying evaluations several to one.

Today, video is a serious competitive advantage for those who do it strategically and consistently. With the endless possibilities of motion branding and the diversity of distribution channels, ROI with effectively produced and placed video is now eminent.


Scripted Video

Our experienced team members are experts in all aspects of video production: documentaries, identity pieces, promos, advertisements, live-event coverage, animation, and motion graphics.


Strategy &

We help our clients get the best return on investment by assisting with video distribution, marketing, data analytics, and strategy.

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